Terms of Service
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1. Introduction

1.1 Oneup.host is an e-shop for web services created by company “ΒΑΡΕΛΤΖΙΔΟΥ ΚΑΙ ΣΑΡΑΝΤΗΣ Ο.Ε.” (ONEUP GROUP with VAT Number: EL800878447, based at Kapetan Maletskou 19,55236,Thessaloniki Greece and from now on will be referred as “the company”. The following terms of use applied for the use of the website of the company and the services that provides. By visiting the site or using services provided by the company, users suggest full consent to the Terms of Use determined by the company and future versions of them.
1.2 If a user or it’s representative does not agree to at least one of the following Terms of Use should not proceed on the use of services provided by the company but also stop visiting the site. Both users of the companie’s services and visitors of the website will be referred as clients or customers, regardless of ordering services from the company.

2. Intellectual property rights

2.1 This website is the official e-shop of the company. All content of the site including images, graphics, photos, sketches, text, provided services and products are part of the Intellectual property of the company and are protected by the relevant provisions of the Greek common law, the European law and international conventions.
2.2 Any copying, distribution, transfer, processing, resale, creation of derivative works or misleading the public about the actual provider of the Website's Content is prohibited. Any reproduction, re-issue, uploading, communication, dissemination or transmission or any other use of the Content in any way or means for commercial or other purposes is permitted only upon prior written permission of the Company. Names, images, logos and distinctive features representing the Company or third parties and their products or services are trademarks of the Company or third parties protected by the relevant trademark laws. Their appearance on the website should in no way be construed as a transfer or assignment of a license or right to use them.

3. Services and Company Responsibility

3.1 The Customer assures that the material to be used on the server will be ready and will not need any further processing by the Company to operate. The Company has the right to access the files, websites and customer data to protect its server.
3.2 The Company will inform the customer by email all necessary information needed to gain access to the Control Panel and how to publish its files on the Internet, additional help can be provided by telephone contacting the technical staff for the proper installation of its email accounts as well and the necessity of studying the manual of its virtual server and its Control Panel.
3.3 Customer agrees that he has the necessary knowledge to publish his web pages on the Internet and that the Company is not responsible for giving that knowledge or other programming knowledge to the Customer. The Company is not obliged to provide technical support other than those specified herein.
3.4 Any request for additional Technical Support may be rejected by the Company with or without reason. It is the sole choice of the Company if it will provide any additional Technical Support.
3.5 The Company does not control the content of information passed through its server network, nor does it guarantee the reliability of any information displayed on the Internet through or through its services. In addition, it does not guarantee the commercial or personal creditworthiness of anyone on the internet or the fulfillment of any specific promises / offers by third parties and is not responsible for any damages that may occur to the client or to those who deal with it.
3.6 The use of any information provided through the INTERNET is under the responsibility of the user and the company has no responsibility for the accuracy or quality of this information. The connection speed reported on the site represents the speed to the backbone rather than the end-to-end speed.
3.7 The Company has no responsibility for any damage to the system and does not guarantee that the hosting service will be uninterrupted or there will be no error due to the specific nature of the Internet and the networks through which the information is distributed.
3.8 The Company, under any circumstances, has no responsibility for any damage resulting from the use, availability or unavailability of the services it offers.
3.9 The Company regularly upgrades installed applications on its servers to maintain security levels at the highest level and to provide the latest versions of CPanel, php, mysql, ASP.net, perl, zend, ioncube, etc. It is the exclusive obligation of the client to update his / her code pages (php, mysql queries, asp etc) accordingly so that they are compatible with the Company's servers. The Company is not responsible for any loss, damage and moral damage resulting from these upgrades as well as the customer's inability or reluctance to adapt its websites to the upgraded versions of the various applications and programming languages ​​installed on its servers Company after upgrades.
3.10 The Company shall not be liable or liable for any loss, damage and non-material damage resulting from a failure to provide services or Technical Support, and the Customer is bound to accept that it will not make any claims other than those provided for in the terms of use the company's.
3.11 The Company keeps Backups at regular intervals (backing up files and customer databases) that use hosting services on its servers. The company assumes no liability if the backup is not up to date or can not be used. File recovery from backup is charged. The Customer is required to keep a backup of his records, databases and emails by any means he thinks is safer for him / her. For security reasons, the backup should be stored locally on the Customer's computer.
3.12 The Company will cooperate with law enforcement authorities regarding the site, data, e-mail, and content of the Customer. This may lead the Company to disclose all information provided to the Company, including information on the Company's servers, records, and customer databases.
3.13 The Company is not liable to customers / users for any damages that may arise from the execution or not of their order. It also reserves the time of delivery of products / services in cases of force majeure.
3.14 All web hosting accounts automatically display a "Under Construction" page once they are activated. This page informs users that the hosting account has been created by the Company. The "Under Construction" page can be removed by the user at any time, once it has access to the web hosting account. The "Under Construction" page may include elements such as (1) links to Company products or services, (2) third-party product or service ads, and (3) Internet search form.

4. User Liability and Unauthorized Use of Service

4.1 The Customer accepts that he will not use the Company's website, its services and the servers for: a. posting, sending by e-mail or otherwise transmitting any content is illegal, harmful, threatening, abusive, annoying, is a violation of someone else's privacy, shows empathy, or racial, ethnic or other discrimination. The account will be deleted by the company with or without information.
b. Send, post, email, or otherwise transmit any content for which you do not have the right to broadcast under law or contractual or management (such as inside information, proprietary and confidential information acquired or disclosed as part of industrial relations or covered by confidentiality agreements)
c. Sending, posting, sending by e-mail or otherwise transmitting any content that violates any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of third parties
e. Sending, publishing, sending by e-mail or otherwise transmitting any material containing software viruses or any other code, files or programs designed to interrupt, damage, destroy or operate the equipment any software or computer hardware
f. deliberate or unintentional violation of applicable law or regulations third party harassment in any way. sending, posting, or transmitting in other ways that have to do with 3rd users.
g. any way of hacking (DDoS, private keys etc)

4.2 The Company has the ability to reject or delete material that is stored to the server matching the above.
4.3 The Company follows a very strict policy on spam emails and may cancel the client account in the event of sending unprivileged spam. An email is spam when it is sent to many recipients who have not requested to receive it.If there are reports of bulk mail for which no unauthorized recipients have been given, it will be deleted. The company reserves the right to decide whether a customer action is considered as "spam". The customer who uses the Company's spamming services will be charged a fee for system administration and recovery costs. The amount is determined solely by the Company. To protect the IPs of servers from entering their spam lists, the Company implements a security filter on the allowed email limit that customers send by hour. At the request of the customer, this mechanism may exceptionally be a little more flexible and if it is judged by the server administrators that this will not create a problem for the reliable operation of the Emails sending service.

4.4 Server resources available are solely for use within the Company's customer accounts. It is forbidden to allocate resources in any way to third party sites in any form, including but not limited to drawing of graphics or texts from third party sites on a Company server, running banner exchange programs etc.
4.5 SSH access is given at the request of the customer. The Company has the right to refuse access or to give limited access to execute specific orders.
4.6 It is forbidden to send emails to the server or any message sent on a disturbing basis to a network directly or indirectly connected to the Company as well as attempting to bypass user authentication or host, network or account security. It is forbidden to enter information that is not addressed to the Customer. It is forbidden to violate the security of any network, such as Sprinkling, Port scans, ping floods, packet spoofing, forging router information, denial of service attacks, sniffers, flooding, spoofing, ping bombing, smurfs, winnuke, IRC bots (such as eggdrop), PhpShell and other similar programs, audio, radio and video streaming, uploading files to the server for downloading by the general public as well as gallery sites that make excessive use of resources. Any activity, regardless of whether it will lead to loss of information, will be investigated and appropriate action followed.
4.7 Unauthorized background processes or authorized background processes that compromise the security of our servers will result in the termination or termination of Customer Hosting Service.
4.8 The Customer agrees to construct its web sites in such a way as to avoid overloading the Company's Servers by limiting the use of code and applications that require high processing efficiency.

5. Security

Description ,
5.1 All transactions you make through oneup.host are governed by International and European Law, which regulates issues related to electronic commerce, as well as by the Greek Law on Consumer Protection (Law 2251/1994), which deals with issues related to electronic commerce distant sales. The Company recognizes the importance of the security of Personal Data and Electronic Transactions and has taken all the necessary measures, using the most up-to-date and advanced methods, to ensure maximum security. All information relating to your personal information is secure and confidential. The security of the e-shop operates through the following methods:

Customer Identification
5.2 The codes used for the identification are two: the Entry Code and the Personal Security Password (Usernames & Password), who, each time you post them, provide access with absolute certainty to Customer's personal information. It is possible to change the Personal Security Password as often as the Customer desires (For even more security). The only person who has access to the data is the customer through the above codes and is solely responsible for keeping his / her secrecy from third persons. The code used by the Customer must be more than 6 characters, with a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. In case of loss or leakage, he / she must make direct contact with the Company via telephone or e-mail. The Company is not responsible for the use of the password by an unauthorized person. The Company's online store does not in any way disclose or disclose the personal data and information it provides to the Company. The personal data that the Customer places at the Company's disposal are used exclusively for the execution of the transactions. All information is encrypted and kept secure.

5.3 The customer must always keep his / her personal information and contact details up to date and notify the Company of any change. Communicating and updating the Company to the Customer for issues related to its account (upgrades to the servers, termination - renewal of account etc.) is carried out by email or through relevant information pages on the Company's website. The Customer must regularly check the email he has designated as the primary contact email and the Company's website to be informed of matters relating to his account. The contact email should NOT be an email maintained on our servers.

Trading Confidentiality
5.4 All information transmitted by the Company's Customer is confidential and the Company has taken all necessary measures to use them only when deemed necessary within the framework of the services provided.

6.Pricing and Termination of Services/Agreement

Pricing Policy
6.1 The prices quoted are in euro and VAT is NOT included. Payment of services and products is done in advance.
6.2 The Company has the right to offer packages or offers that have more favorable terms or prices than those that existed when the customer originally purchased services from the Company. These price and condition changes do not affect the parties' existing values.
6.3 The price paid by the customer to the Company for hosting services may change after the order and the Customer is informed immediately. The Company reserves the right to change at any time the resources and prices of hosting services displayed on its site for purchase.
6.4 Discount coupons only apply during the initial purchase and do not affect the renewal price of any services or product.

6.5 Additional Terms for Dedicated Servers:
a. For Servers hosted in the Data Center of America, if the euro exchange rate against the dollar is reduced by more than 20% compared to the current exchange rate at the original Dedicated Server order, the company reserves the right to update the Monthly Rental of the Server. The change in monthly subscription costs will take 1 month after the customer has been notified. The exchange rate applicable to the Dedicated Server line item is indicated in the first Invoice of the subscription. In the above case, the increase in the monthly subscription will not exceed the rate of increase of the dollar exchange rate against the euro. The price paid by the customer to the Company for hosting services may change after the order and the Customer is informed immediately. The Company reserves the right to change at any time the resources and prices of the hosting services displayed on its site.
b. The Company reserves the right to reset the password to a dedicated server if the code we have is not up to date so that it can perform all the necessary security checks as required by the datacenter. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that a valid email address and root password are given to the dedicated server, in order to avoid downtime from password reset requests. The Company reserves the right to control the servers according to the requirements and to perform various management actions at the request of the datacenter. For Dedicated servers it is NOT backed by us, but it is the responsibility of the client itself.
c. All Dedicated Servers are provided in a monthly rental form, and are based in Datacenter in America or Europe, depending on the selected package. Client access to the Dedicated Server is remote, via the Internet, with Remote Desktop (for Windows Dedicated Servers) and Telnet (for Linux Dedicated Servers).
d. In the event of non-timely payment of the Dedicated Server renewal subscription, the server is canceled on the next subscription end date. The data stored on the server is deleted and the server is available for lease by another customer. If the payment for the server subscription renewal is made after the expiration, and if it is possible to reactivate, there is a charge for server reactivation.
e. It is the responsibility of the dedicated Server user to check the proper operation of the hard drives of his Server. This can be done either with built-in operating system tools in Software RAID cases or with specialized tools that the user has to install on Hardware RAID controllers. Once the problem is highlighted, our company may ask the user to shut down the server to perform tests of operating the hard drive.

Payments 6.6 For purposes of transaction identification and security, the Customer, if requested by the company, should provide further details, such as his / her identity card, passport,
6.7 If the Customer does not provide the requested data or the transaction has not been successfully identified by the Company, the Company has the right not to provide the service and not to refund the amount of the charge relating to this transaction.

Pay with Credit Card or Paypal
6.8 The Customer has the possibility to pay its orders via Visa, Mastercard or via Paypal. The credit card is charged after checking and certifying its details and its validity. The customer is solely responsible for correctly recording the credit card details.

Service / Agreement Termination

6.11 The agreement may be interrupted by any of the parties without cause. The Company is not obliged to refund the agreed amount for the period remaining from the day of the interruption until the normal termination of the contract in the event that the customer requests the interruption or the contract is terminated by the Company in the event of a breach of its terms by the customer .
6.12 If the Customer declares that he / she does not wish to continue the services, then the company discontinues the operation of the Customer's web site and deletes it from its servers without further notice.
6.13 The Company reserves the right to refuse, terminate or disable the services it provides to the Customer at will, with or without notice, and will not be responsible for any adverse effects, whether positive or negative, resulting from the termination of a web site site from a server or terminating some other service. Restoring the files to a web hosting account is charged.
6.14 In the event that the Customer holds one or more services in its account, the Company has the right to suspend, discontinue or delete all domains or hosting accounts, whether paid or not, without the obligation to back up, to the Customer.
6.15 The Company reserves the right to cancel an account, including files and content, for any reason, at any time. The Customer agrees to maintain backup of all files and databases it hosts to the Company and agrees that the Company will not be held responsible for the loss of data.
6.16 The Customer, in so far as he does not wish to further service the Company, must declare it through a Ticket or by telephone to the Technical Support Department. By sending the ticket, the Company cancels its services to the customer without any further information.
6.17 In case of late payment or if it is impossible to charge the customer's credit card, our Services are scheduled to be automatically terminated after the subscription expires.
6.18 The Company reserves the right to terminate or make available, without notice, any service for which the customer has not repaid or requested a refund after repayment.

7. Money Back Guarantee

7.1 The company's virtual server hosting packages are accompanied by a 7 day money back guarantee from the start date of the hosting account. If the customer is not satisfied with the level of the web hosting service of the Company, he may, within 7 days of the start of his account, request the cancellation of this agreement, otherwise he / she tacitly agrees to continue providing the service and waives the right for reimbursement of the money paid. In the event of cancellation within 7 days, the customer is returned how much a deposit in the company for products or services. If the amount of the subscription included additional costs (purchase of a domain name, SSL purchase, dedicated IP purchase, third party commissions or bank or credit card commissions, installation fees, additional services), the amount of the subscription is refunded to the Customer after deducting the above costs. No refunds are made after the 35th day of the subscription. The above warranty applies only to Shared Hosting rental packages and not to all services provided by the Company, such as Dedicated Server,
7.2 Only new account holders are entitled to compensation. Since the customer already had their account canceled and scored new he is not entitled to compensation.
7.3 In order for a request for cancellation of an account to be valid, the request must be sent via ticket or telephone contact with OneUp Hosting Technical Support
7.4 Any breach of a term is considered to result in the non-return of any amount to the Customer.

8. Renewal of Services
8.1 In case of payment of the deposit with the bank, the Customer has to pay any commissions of the banks and inform the Company of the number of the deposit transaction and the branch of the bank that made the deposit at least 2 working days before the end of the subscription. The update is available online via e-mail or support ticket.
8.2 In any case, the customer must check that the company has received the notice of payment of its subscription and has activated / renew the services for which it has paid. In case the company can not verify the balance payment due to renewal of services (eg due to a faulty FAX, failure to deliver the email to the Company), the company stops the operation of the Customer's service without any liability for any damages or damages caused by the termination / interruption of its services to the Customer.

9. Additional Fees
9.1 The Company is not responsible for any taxes or fees to be paid in any country and in accordance with any tax laws and regarding transactions made by the Customer through the offered server. The customer agrees that he has full responsibility for the taxes or fees or fees associated with the use of the server or its products or services or the transactions it carries out.

10. Terms of Service Acceptance
10.1 These terms of use of the oneup.host website are based on all Greek legal requirements, governed by Greek law, by the applicable European Union legislation and by the International Treaties and are interpreted in accordance with the rules good faith, business ethics and the social and economic purpose of the right. In the event that a term or provision of these Terms of Use has been declared void or voidable, such nullity or voidability will not affect the validity of the other terms and the parties will make every effort to replace the invalid or cancellable provisions or terms, with others that approximate as much as possible the content of the invalid or cancellable terms or provisions.
10.2 Subscribers of the Company's services should be at the age of 18.
10.3 By using the oneup.host websites, you agree that you agree to all the terms on this website and the reading of this text is required prior to the use of our services and the submission of any order of services or products and in addition your consent as well as the full and unconditional acceptance of the terms listed, is expressed, certified and stated responsibly by using the presentation and / or mouse click on the link "I have read and agree to the Terms of Use" and any other link can lead to a service order or use of Company websites, and is considered as your signature in this keimeno.
10.4 The Company provides the Customer with Third Party Software depending on the hosting package ordered. The license terms that govern the use of third party software may differ from the companie’s terms of use
10.5 Any electronic ordering of services is sent to the Company via the Internet if and only if the Customer has previously unconditionally accepted the aforementioned terms of the agreement as a further proof that the Customer was fully aware of the terms and agreed unconditionally with them.
10.6 The terms contained herein replace any other agreement or negotiation between the Customer and the Company, verbally, in writing or otherwise, including any representations made by a Company representative.